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About Us



Woodicrafts was founded in 2016 by George Kotsioris and Filia Glyka.

George is a passionate, self-educated woodturner. He started dealing with wood 10 years ago with his first attempts being small furniture. Soon he found his real passion in woodturning. Wood is for him a unique pliable material and woodturning can bring out its natural beauty. He enjoys discovering new techniques and procedures.



Filia is an architect with a special interest in sketching and painting. She deals with the design and presentation of the products. She prefers simple forms and clear lines.

Simplicity and tradition affect the work of both.




In Woodicrafts our goal is to create products that combine quality, functionality and design. We pay great attention to the detail and we try to use only natural products (from the main material -wood- to the finishing products -beeswax and olive oil). For us, each product must reflect the user’s needs.